BE active with Elisabeth Pulker

Between 3rd and 5th of September Grünau im Almtal


Pilates, breath and feldenkrais®, hiking….

Arrival 03.09.2021 at 4pm – Departure 05.09.2021 at 4 pm

From 16th until 21st of September
Croatia – Pasman Island

Pilates, breath and feldenkrais®, nordic hiking….

Arrival 16.09.2021  – Departure 21.09.2021


Following services are included:


Friday: 100 Minutes Pilates

Saturday: 30 Minutes Breath prior to breakfast

Saturday morning: Hikinf to Ameisenalm and lunch

Saturday evening: 100 Minutes Feldenkrais®

Sunday: Pilates, later breakfast and hiking. A wonderful barbeque at the see


Price: Grünau im Almtal for the program is € 220 per person.

Including accomodation, breakfast and the program.

Accomodation: JUFA Hotel Almtal

Price: Croatia Pasman Island for the program is € 300 per person.


Feldenkrais® method is based on early childhood movement sequences. By changing the neurocortex and relearning ergonomic movements, pain and stress in everyday life are avoided.

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