Our individually personalized trips take you around the world. Go mountain-biking in Turkey, hiking in Austria, sailing in Croatia, kayaking in Alaska, or golfing in South Korea. Alternatively, find inner peace and strength at a meditation retreat in south Styria and Lunz am See in Austria. Reconnect with your mind, body, and soul with a journey to a health retreat: our partner The LifeCo in Bodrum, Turkey, and Phuket, Thailand offers holistic detox and nutrition programs, including yoga and meditation therapies, accompanied by skilled and experienced coordinators.

Flexibility is the new "Normal" - Physical, emotinal and mental wellbeing
The ONLINE STUDIO for body and mind offers you the ultimate flexibility. Does not matter where you are at home, on vacation, in the garden or visiting a friend or what time it is. You can find your activity with the highly trained, experienced and specialized instructors from all over the world. Find out which is your yoga, your meditation. Learn techniques how to reduce stress, handle anxiety, experience more joy in daily life, become more mindful.