High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”
― Hippocrates


    Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a long term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently elevated. Blood pressure is determined both by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure.

    You can have high blood pressure (hypertension) for years without any symptoms. Even without symptoms, damage to blood vessels and your heart continues and can be detected. Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. And once you know you have high blood pressure, you can learn to manage it with healthy lifestyle changes.

    ’It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s brought a great awareness around what I need to do to improve my health and hopefully add several years into my life by practicing a healthier way of living.”

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    Say Goodbye to Medication

    Lifestyle changes you will go through during your visit to TheLifeCo and afterward play an important role in treating high blood pressure. If you successfully control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you might avoid, delay or reduce the need for medication.

    Medically Supervised Hypertension Treatment

    At TheLifeCo, before starting any treatment program, we make sure that the reasons leading to the problem are well understood. The intention of our guests is the first step towards healing. We make sure our doctors and medical staff take special care of you during your journey and enhance your results by providing the best possible medical care.

    Get Treated in a Healing Environment

    There are various ways to get your hypertension under control, however, long-lasting solutions can only be achieved in the presence of a competent medical team as well as like-minded people. At TheLifeCo we provide this environment in our centers designed to pull you out of your daily routine and let you focus on yourself. Getting treated will almost feel like a side-effect of this pleasant journey.


    • Age
    • Family history
    • Being overweight or obese
    • Not being physically active
    • Smoking
    • Drinking too much alcohol.
    • Certain chronic conditions


    • Heart attack or stroke.
    • Aneurysm.
    • Heart failure
    • Thickened, narrowed or torn blood vessels in the eyes
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Dementia


    • Diet plan -> Reduce sodium in your diet!
    • Exercising regularly
    • Loosing Weight
    • Stopping Smoking
    • Adopting a more active and healthier lifestyle
    • Limiting the amount of alcohol
    • Cutting back on caffeine
    • Reducing the stress


    During our programs you will consume alkalizing plants such as spinach, celery and cucumber throughout the day. Since your body will not be burdened with digestion, it will use its energy to repair, renew and heal.

    A stay at one of TheLifeCo Centers will help you deal with Hypertension in various ways such as:

    • Regulating blood pressure levels
    • Cleansing the veins, organs and tissues
    • Supporting the liver
    • Developing a healthy diet
    • Increasing physical activity
    • Reaching a balanced weight
    • Managing stress
    • Adopting a cleaner lifestyle


    Colon Hydrotherapy

    A mini detox in itself, colon hydrotherapy is recommended at least once during the detox program. This treatment does not only help you to purify the undissolved or undigested food remnants on the intestinal wall but also improves intestinal functions.

    Wheatgrass Enema

    In order to strengthen the gut flora quickly and easily, this highly alkaline wheatgrass juice and probiotic (beneficial bacteria) mixture is applied as an enema from rectum the by a nurse.

    Coffee Enema

    This is recommended mostly for headaches during the detox and for liver cleansing purposes. It also increases energy and regulates mood swings.

    Anti Fatigue Protocol

    If you feel tired, reluctant and sluggish in spite of getting enough sleep and rest, then this protocol is for you. If you wake up tired, impatient, with low motivation in the mornings and go to bed feeling restless, have poor quality sleep, this protocol may help you break through this vicious circle.

    Liver Support Protocol

    Liver, also known as the source of energy, can be harmed by various factors like stressful lifestyle, unbalanced eating habits, free radicals, environmental and physical toxins. This protocol aims to decrease the stress on the liver, increases its detoxification capability, enhances cell regeneration and supports proper functioning.

    Immune Support Protocol

    This protocol is composed of a high amount of minerals and vitamins that will help the immune system work properly, give a boost, prevent disease and provide the body with a long-lasting resistance.

    Breathing Therapy

    We lose our physical and emotional health due to our restricted breathing and thinking habits and blockages in the cellular memory carried from the past to today. A deep and open breath can clean the negative energy held at all levels of the cellular memory and bring about a mental and emotional transformation.


    With an expert personal trainer, the fitness programme aims to improve body condition, increases oxygen intake and capacity, decreases stress levels and teaches you about healthy exercising.



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