Terms & Conditions


Dear IBE-Travel clients,

On this point we would like to introduce you to our general terms and conditions of business, which you accept by completing the booking. These GTC are meant for all kinds of travels organized by IBE. They complete art.651a German civil code as well as art.411German civil code info V and fulfill them. In case of travels organized by other providers or performances by a third party, only passed on by IBE, their terms are to be regarded as valid.

And now to our general terms and conditions of business:

  • Conclusion of the tourist agreement
  • Only with your written confirmation towards the participant travel agency the booking for the IBE-Travel business will be declared as binding by law. As for the travel participant, his registration for the trip is binding up until the acceptance by IBE, at the latest for 14 days from the day of registration.
  • The contract of tourism consists of the travelers booking and its acceptance by IBE. It encompasses performance descriptions as well as further replenishments about the type, scope and arrangements of each trip. These performance descriptions and replenishments can be changed by handing in a notice of change of contract by IBE or by a written agreement with IBE. Travel agencies are not to give assurances that deviate from the performance descriptions (including terms and conditions of the trip), neither to change nor to complete them.
  • Assignment of outside service
  • If IBE explicitly passes single performances of tourism (charter flights, transportations on a ferry, etc.) or travel agendas organized by other providers on, realization and content of such contracts respective legal provisions as well as the conditions of the third party decisive, namely to that extension to which they have been covered/included.
  • Cancellation-proviso in case of minimum attendance

Please take in account one IBE-Travel special feature: we arrange individual group travels which means that for each trip the minimum attendance has to be reached. If this is not the case, IBE has all rights reserved in order to cancel a group travel 21 days to the departure at the latest.

  • Insurance policy/Payment (Deposit/Payment)
  • Payments toward the travel price (also including deposits) can only be made upon issuance of the insurance policy according to art.651 k German civil code.
  • A deposit has to be paid within the realization of the package tour contract, – namely 50% of the travel price, 1500€ at the most. The residual amount of the travel price as a whole has to be paid/transferred in the period of time between the 21st and the 14th day before departure. The exact due date is noted in the booking confirmation. If the booking is being performed less than 14 days before departure, the whole travel price has to be paid at once within the issuance of the insurance policy. If the travel price, following the criteria mentioned above, is due, the claim to the performance of services by IBE is only valid in case of a complete payment.
  • Handling fee, cancellation fee, insurance premium and rescission indemnification are immediately due.
  • Alterations
  • The booking confirmation includes the contractual performances owed by IBE in form of the respective description of performance, the elaborated itinerary, and information about the focused travel region. Alterations concerning type, scope and arrangement of the contractual owed performances can be done up until the access to the booking confirmation.
  • Activities, which are referred to as “possibilities”, “opportunities” or “options”, are not included in the travel price and are not to be considered as part of the performances owed by IBE.
  • The first and last day of a booked journey are planned in the first place for the volume of traffic/ Traffic performance by IBE. Please note that deviating flight times and routes or an alteration of the executing airline or rather the inset flying machine are not responsibilities of IBE, provided I doesn’t take the travelers claims because of unreasonable alterations of the performances into account.
  • Price alterations after conclusion of contract

If unpredictable circumstances, which have not to be covered by IBE but which may contribute to a price rise, such as of:

  • Exchange rate
  • Transition fee
  • Submission for certain performances
  • Port and airport fees
  • Security fees during the flight
  • Entrance, residence, and public fees

occur right after conclusion of contract, then IBE has the right to raise the prices. Precondition for the admissibility of such a raise is a period of time of four months between contract conclusion and departure.

Additionally, the raise has to be communicated immediately to the travel participants as soon as IBE is informed about the reason that effects such an alteration – 21 days before departure at the latest. The actual sum of the increase that has been effectuated since conclusion of contract is decisive for the permissible height of the price adjustment, – concerning the definitively booked trip only. Increases of price components, that affect the travel group as a whole, will be allocated to the individual participants. The computation basis is – always in favor of the participants – either the originally calculated or concretely expected number of participants. IBE is obligated to the travel participant, if he/she wishes, to present appropriate proof and evidence. If the price should be raised to more than 5%, the participant can withdraw from the contract without paying any indemnification. Alternatively, the participant lawfully has the right to another travel as a substitute according to art.651a paragraph 4, 3rd sentence German civil code. Regarding both alternatives, the participant immediately has to announce his claims to IBE or to the travel agency that executes the booking.