BE active with Elisabeth Pulker


 From May 24th until 29th 2022
Croatia – Pasman Island

3 x Pilates, 2 x feldenkrais®,  2 x nordic hiking and breath ….

Arrival 24th of May 5 pm 2022  – Departure 29th of May at 12.00 pm 2022


Following services are included:


5 Nights with Pilates, Feldenkrais®, breath and nordic walking, hikes, beach  …..

Price: Croatia Pasman Island for the program is € 420 per person.


Grünau im Almtal to be done.

Pilates is a holistic training for intensive strengthening and mobilization of the entire body. By tensioning the deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, the so-called powerhouse, the trunk is stabilized and thus focused on the center of the body. Pilates exercises increase coordination and strength and improve posture. Endurance and body awareness are strengthened in order to prevent back pain in particular and enable pain-free movements again. Suitable for everyone who appreciates powerful training.

Die Macht des gezielten Atems Hypopressive Atemtechnik dient der Verbesserung der Beckenboden-muskulatur, der Bauchmuskulatur sowie der Haltung und des allgemeinen Wohlbefindens. „Der Atem als Bindeglied deines Körpers mit dem Unterbewusstsein. Erlerne und trainiere die Macht deiner Atmung, denn eine größere Macht kannst Du nicht nutzen!

Feldenkrais® method is based on early childhood movement sequences. By changing the neurocortex and relearning ergonomic movements, pain and stress in everyday life are avoided.

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