Language: German upon inquiry also in English
Time: 60 Min. – Monday 9pm Vienna / 10 pm Istanbul / 4 O’clock Tuesday morning South Korea
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Movement Meditation – Arts of Taiji (MM)



Movement Meditation – Arts of Taiji is a form of movement based on various forms of Taiji and Qigong movement.


It is important with MM that the movement is carried out holistically.


The focus here is on concentrating the mind with the body through breathing.


What do you mean with that?:

The breath directs the mind, the mind directs the body, the body in turn directs the movement and the movement is in harmony with the breath. This closes the circle with a correct execution of MM.


In addition, MM promotes the ability to concentrate and “self-awareness”, strengthens the immune system and gives us the opportunity to practice the exercises anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.

Wer ist Kwang-Jin Park

About Kwang-Jin Park

Mr. Kwang Jin Park is a certified Korean tea ceremony and meditation master who has been teaching and engaged in Kigong, Taiji, Aiki / Neigong, KTM and Danjon meditation for about 30 years and has achieved several master’s degrees in the process. He was lucky enough to learn from some great masters in their field. Mr. Park lives in Seoul / South Korea and teaches there at various institutions and private individuals. The KTM is a further development of Mr. Park from his many years of experience in the various disciplines as well as experience gained through his lessons.