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What is Korean Tea Meditation (KTM)?

Our body consists of approximately 80% water, and no life on planet earth could exist without water. Water molecules can adapt and change, both positively and negatively. With the KTM method we can influence these molecules through meditation so that the water gives us more strength and energy. Water can also accept our feelings and thoughts and thus absorb negative energy. KTM causes us and our body to pay more attention to its wishes and needs and therefore promotes mindfulness, which in turn is important for our being.


Korean Tea Meditation (KTM) is a form of meditation in which you consciously perceive and strengthen your five senses. KTM calms the nerves, the soul and the body by consciously and attentively uniting the calm and heat of the water with all of your sensory organs. KTM is very well suited in stressful situations or when you feel uncomfortable and disoriented or before you go to an important meeting or conversation to calm your feelings and thoughts and switch off for a short time.

Who is Kwang-Jin Park

About Kwang-Jin Park

Mr. Kwang Jin Park is a certified Korean tea ceremony and meditation master who has been teaching and engaged in Kigong, Taiji, Aiki / Neigong, KTM and Danjon meditation for about 30 years and has achieved several master’s degrees in the process. He was lucky enough to learn from some great masters in their field. Mr. Park lives in Seoul / South Korea and teaches there at various institutions and private individuals. The KTM is a further development of Mr. Park from his many years of experience in the various disciplines as well as experience gained through his lessons.