Sprache: Deutsch & English
Zeit: 60 Min. September 23rd 06.15 am and 27th at 5.30pm


Vinyasa Yoga with Katharina


Hi there, I am Katharina!

I have always loved movement, dance and the ability to reconnect to my core being, to what I enjoy and long for most. I started practising Yoga next to aerial dancing, first to become more flexible and aligned within my body. Yet, I soon discovered the tremendous power it has on the whole body-mind-sense complex that our soul lives in. After a severe diving accident, yoga did not only support me to regain my physical strength but also to be present with what is, living healthy and awake to follow my dreams.

Coming from a background of Project Management and sustainability, I know the importance of being ones best version, finding creative solutions, and working in balance with inspiring teams for a higher shared vision! The teachings and classes will help you to continuously unlock new perspectives and aspects of yourself, ultimately realizing your potential.

In teaching, I love to deepen the present moment with breathwork, move through gentle flows and activate the body with some power movements towards the end of the practice. I also love to integrated quantum healing techniques (including Matrix-Inform, Quantum Engel Heilung and Reiki) in the Yoga sessions or in direct coaching, helping to enhance the personal transformative experience over time. For a year, I also devoted myself to the study of Vedanta with my dear teacher Sharada Devi. Through her, I am also closely connected to the be_women_project where I hold Woman Circles and am active as a connection sister.

I look forward to connect and hope to see you in my classes!

With love,