Join us in TUSCANY / ITALY

Join us for one week of sitting meditation, Taiji & Qigong (in the mornings with Sarah Tulivu) and Contact Improvisation dance training (afternoons with Cristina Crippa) in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany in Italy.


Through mindful practice and playful twirls we will learn how to create a safe and non-jugdemental space, how to connect with our inner self, how to listen carefully and express our artistic potential.


Dates: 2-9 April 2023 –  But most people arrive a day before and leave a day after. (So 1-10)


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    Sarah Tulivu (or Fong Yi) has trained in meditation for the past 13 years. About six of those years were passed living full-time as a monk in a Tao Temple, training Taiji (Taichi) and Qigong, within the tradition of Taiwanese Master, Waysun Liao.


    In 2019 she was advised by Master Liao and Master Chang to leave the Temple and learn how to carry the meditation practice into everyday life. They shortly after made her an instructor, asking her to share the practice with those interested who cross her path.


    She now shares the practice in retreats and workshops around the world.

    Sarah’s site and full bio:
    Cristina Crippa is an interdisciplinary artist, movement and art teacher.

    She studied sculpture and painting at Brera Arts Academy of Milan. While at the Academy, she studied different kinds of dance until falling in love with contact improvisation, composition and improvisation.The curiosity and passion for dance and movement shifted her attention from the canvas to the body and

    its relation with the environment and people.

    She currently teaches contact improvisation in Artichoke, a professional contemporary dance school in Milano, and she is invited to teach in different contexts in Italy and Europe.


    “Contact improvisation allowed me to research the power of listening, of being rooted and in the same time able to move freely, to have trust in our inner resources and to deepen the quality of presence and for me it’s a privilege to share all of these aspects through teaching.”

    Cristina’s site:

    The space

    The retreat will be cradled near the medieval city of Siena among olive groves and rolling green hills, by the old charming mill and today agri-tourism of Bruna. The place is off the grid and all solar powered, food will be vegetarian, much locally grown, and cooked by Bruna — incredible cook ;).

    Her website:


    Official arrival day is Sunday, 2 April. There will be held an opening circle in the evening.

    We do practice from Monday morning until Friday evening, the exact time schedule we be announced on the opening circle. On Saturday will be for ‘Open Space’, a method for free sharing and artistic expression.

    Sunday, 9 April is officially departure day.

    Again, for the last retreats almost everybody arrived one day before and left one (or two) days after. We advise that, as it’s lovely to have some time holiday-ing together!

    How to get there

    The closest city is Siena. There is the Bus 127 A, (direction: Gaiole, get off at BV. Monti)  going from there to near the house. Not on Sundays though, so we will organise for someone to pick you up (10€ per car).

    The nearest airport to Siena is Florence (FLR), and Pisa.

    We use  to search both airports simultaneously, they usually have good prices. And for buses and trains.

    You can also check Bologna and Rome airports, but they are a bit further.

    Google maps location of the house:


    The price depends on your own budget, how long you wanna stay there and the chosen accommodation.

    The price includes the accommodation for the whole week, all meals from Sunday, 2 April (dinner) to Sunday, 9 April (breakfast) and the training with Sarah and Cristina.

    Please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible! Thank you!