Language: English and German
Time: Tuesday 7 pm Vienna / 8 pm Istanbul

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Breath Move Balance – BMB

Feeling vital and balanced can be as easy as a daily fifteen-minutes soft workout, waking up your energies and bringing those into the right flow. You will feel positive impact right after the first training and consistently more energetic through regular practice. It is simple, effortless and will easily turn into your daily routine.

BMB has a lot of implementation areas available to upgrade your daily energy routine for more joy, health or to reduce anxiety, as soon as you mastered the basics and open for more. And the beauty of the work with your body own energies is that you can do it also on your own.

In this training I will introduce you to a daily routine and share more advanced practices to enhance energy flow, build balance and flexibility and how to reduce anxiety. I welcome you to explore your body awareness and build up strength for a happy weekend.


“At the age of 27 I had a burn out, my whole body seemed to be out of balance, I was week, couldn’t sleep or even walk up the stairs. Was allergic to all vitamins and supplements and had to take antibiotics twice or even three times a year because my immune system was not functioning either. Antidepressants was not an option for me (because I am vary sensitive and each Tablet was pain) – so I decided to find my own way out of it. I literally had to learnt to live again – because my whole energy system was running wrong. I sensed it but it still took me years to learn how to bring it into the right flow. Kundalini and various psychology theories helped me to find peace and finally EM brought me a lot of life energy. Being very sensitive I usually sense what people have and sometimes even feel their pain on my own body and as I found remedy for my self I do the same for others in need.”