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Transform your life through private sessions with Tenzin

Our happiness, purpose and meaning in life depend not upon external objects but on our internal mind set. This is clear from so many different aspects and viewpoints whether spiritual, philosophically or scientifically. We all need to work with our minds to bring greater joy and meaning into our lives. Sadly few of us have the knowledge or even more importantly the tools to be able to do this. Private Sessions with Tenzin will give you, in a personalised way, everything you need to begin this journey to inner joy. Tenzin will first examine your personal needs and requirements then he will provide both in theory and in practise the tools to begin to work with our own minds. Each session will involve discussion followed by practical action mainly through meditation to integrate these understandings into our lives. With an emphasis on providing the tools to actually live this in our daily routines so that one’s whole life becomes filled with this joy and meaning. Sessions will last approximately one hour and be accompanied by audio, written and visual materials to keep and practise. Tenzin also provides personal contact throughout your journey so you can report and discuss any issues at any time on your journey even once sessions have been completed. Free 30 minute introduction: consultation with Tenzin to find out your needs and introduce you to the program that Tenzin can offer. One off sessions: if you need a booster or a kick start to your practise Course of 10 sessions: A course of 10 sessions will give you a complete introduction to your path. Each module will be clearly explained and provide a step by step system to work with your mind both in theory and practical application. All you need to get started and keep going on your own.

Guided meditation with Tenzin

Tenzin has practised in all the major Buddhist traditions in India, Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka, translated various works from Tibetan to English and served as translator for many renowned Tibetan masters. Qualified in both western psychological (Bsc.) and eastern spiritual traditions (Ba. and Masters) he can combine and utilize the best in both these disciplines to enable us to bring joy into our minds and thereby our lives. He has been leading and involved in over 100 retreats all over the world for the past 25 years bringing long term transformation to people’s lives. More recently Tenzin has been specifically working within cancer and other chronic disease clinics enabling this vital element to healing within many patients.